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Film & Television Production

From setting the mood to enhancing visuals, our tailored lighting designs elevate storytelling to new heights, creating unforgettable cinematic experiences that captivate audiences around the globe.


Our Creative Partners

Lincoln Commercial

In preparation for a Lincoln commercial, the production team approached us with a unique request—to design numerous strings with individual LED emitters. We successfully crafted more than 6000 LiteRibbon emitters, custom-wired on 275 strands.

Southwest Airlines Commercial

The LiteGear team collaborated to transform a cinematographer and gaffer’s vision into reality, bringing to life long illuminated RGB extrusions for a Southwest Airlines commercial. Our workshop crafted dozens of custom-made 3ft custom Chroma RGB LiteStix to fulfill the project’s unique requirements.

KFC Commercial

For a KFC commercial, we partnered with a gaffer and a Prop Master to craft a brilliantly glowing microphone using LiteRibbon Chroma RGB-Daylite. LiteGear swiftly conceptualized a design to meet the crew’s specific requirements and efficiently retrofitted the prop microphone.

Fantastic Four

LiteGear collaborated with the gaffer from the Fantastic Four production to design the Human Torch suit. The suit’s setup included Chroma RGBA and Tungsten LiteRibbon, both wirelessly dimmable, powered by a battery belt.

U2 Commercial

We collaborated with the art director of a Bank of America Super Bowl commercial to construct a custom LiteRibbon retrofitted microphone light for U2 lead singer Bono.


We created the supernatural Tzohar light for the film Noah using a custom circuit board. LiteGear collaborated with the DP and gaffer create a standalone self-powered and flickering hand-held LED module that was a critical story point for the film.


Why LiteGear Creative Solutions?

Tailor-Made Lighting Solutions

We develop custom lighting solutions tailored to the specific needs of your film or television project, ensuring the perfect illumination for every scene.

Advanced Color Control

With precise color control capabilities, we ensure that the lighting perfectly complements the set design and cinematography, enhancing the overall visual impact.

Dynamic Lighting Design

Our team specializes in creating dynamic lighting designs that enhance mood, atmosphere, and visual storytelling.

Seamless Integration

Our lighting setups integrate seamlessly with existing production workflows and equipment, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

On-Set Adaptability

We provide lighting systems that are highly adaptable, allowing for quick adjustments and modifications on set to meet the director’s vision.

Expert Technical Support

Our team provides expert technical support throughout the project, from initial design and setup to on-set adjustments and post-production tweaks.


Practical Uses on Set

Set Design

Costume Integration


LiteGear Creative Solutions provide more than service and support, we take pride in delivering a diverse array of applications that cater to your unique needs and challenges. Our commitment to your projects success drives us to offer a multitude of innovative approaches, ensuring that you have a comprehensive selection of options at your disposal


You’re in good company.

We take immense pride in servicing a distinguished list of clientele who expect nothing less than the extraordinary. With an unwavering focus on personalized service, we seamlessly transform visions into reality.

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